How To Get A Consistent SEO Edge
On Your Competition…

… And Rush Your Pages To #1 Spot Quicker…
Without Raising Any Flags At Google!


Hi, my name is Andy.

I’m directly responsible for running day to day SEO operations over here.

And over the past couple of years, I’ve ranked hundreds and hundreds of client sites, social site profiles, and other pages.

And I WISH there was a ‘magic pill’ that…

I could share with you. A pill that would let you rank anything in a snap just by pressing a button.

… But there isn’t.

Any success that I had, was thanks to good old fashioned hard work.

Why am I telling you this?

Because thanks to all of that hard work, something amazing happened… that, nowadays, lets me pretty much rank what I want without sitting in front of my computer for days and weeks.

But before I tell you how’s that possible… Here’s what happened.

When the Google updates hit… The sites that I had ranked weathered the Pandas and the Penguins without skipping a beat.

If you remember the uproar back then, you’ll understand why people started to ask me…

“What’s the secret Andy?”

I didn’t have an answer. But that made me start investigating.

And it turned out… I had almost by a chance gotten one thing RIGHT.

While everyone was busy either building spammy links with automated software… or buying posts on semi-private, shared blog networks (that were about to be deindexed into oblivion by Google – along with hundreds of thousands of legitimate sites)…

I built my own network of quality sites. And whenever I needed to rank something, I’d tap into that network.

All I had to do was to put up a couple of links… and the site I was targeting received a significant bump in rankings.

There was a HUGE problem though…

darthbis @ SenukeX Forum says…

“Make no doubt if used correctly and invested in properly this can be a serious game changer, especially if you are going to be attempting to rank tough keywords and need some top quality links.”

And NO WONDER most of my competition haven’t built a network like that themselves.

It is a HUGE amount of work!

Of course, to save time, I was running most of the sites on my network on WordPress…

… But every time I had to update them with fresh content, I wanted to kill myself.

Here’s why…

In order to keep my network effective and
under the radar with Google…

mattcalif @ SenukeX Forum says…

Blogseries is great, because you have someone helping you every step of the way. Every little step is explained. Common time wasting mistakes are pointed out early in your blog creating adventures. I have about 4 blogs right now, and my plan is too be up to about 25 by mid november, I would not commit the time and energy if I didnt see the results first hand, and with an eye on the future of seo, its either adapt or die.

… I had to mimic what authority sites do.

  • I had to keep finding fresh, relevant content all the time
  • I had to add relevant images
  • I had to make the text easy to read
  • I had to throw in links to relevant authority sites
  • And so much more!

And when all of that was done, I had to sneak in relevant links to the sites I actually wanted to rank.

All of this was a nightmare… Yet I had to keep doing it in order to deliver the rankings for my clients – and our own sites.

Obviously, all of this could be automated and…

You’d Think Somebody Would’ve Already Invented A Solution…

But that’s not the case. Seems like that most SEO companies who develop this sort of tool in-house, keep it in-house only.

Maybe they don’t want to deal with customer support (which, for in-house tools, can be a nightmare).

Maybe they want to keep all this power to themselves to run their own private blog networks.

No matter what I couldn’t find something that would do exactly what I wanted… to run my own blog network without any hassle.

Yet I Knew That If I Automated This…

… There would be no limits to what I’d be able to rank.

The problem was… I couldn’t just PAY someone to write something as complex.

Since the only constant in this business is change…

The software also had to be updated all the time!

So I talked this over with the board… and we had to hire a full time programmer to work on this.

(Actually, we ended up giving him a stake in our company.)

For a while, I (along with a couple of select people from SEO boards) was the only user of the powerful software.

But finally, I can proudly introduce it to you.


… A must-have tool for every SEO professional!

Blogseries is, first and foremost, a VERY powerful content curation tool – but it goes WAY beyond that.

It is the complete package to automate the content part of your blog network… and is proven to work in dozens of complex, real world scenarios.

Here’s what you can look forward to with Blogseries:

Quality Tier One Sites – Almost On Autopilot

Once you let Blogseries take over managing the content of your blog network… It becomes almost effortless to have a network of sites that let you create insanely powerful backlinks on demand.

“… A network of sites that lets you create powerful backlinks on demand!”

You also leave no footprint by having automatic posts created that look completely natural – to search engines and their human reviewers.

Blogseries can do that because the attention to detail is INSANE.

For example, if you want to insert pictures or videos automatically, Blogseries can index your post and come up with keywords to look for relevant images… or, you can override that and have it look for attention grabbing images that help you get more clicks.

Blogseries also smartly interlinks your posts so that they look natural…

.. And even better, finds relevant posts on authority sites and links to them!

As a result, you end up with a network of high quality tier one sites… that you own and fully control.

Fresh, High Quality, Professional And Free Content


Tons Of Content Sources!

Blogseries supports multiple content sources – some of them can even provide your whole network with fresh, free content on autopilot if you want!

Some of the available options are – a huge source (millions of articles, with tens of thousands of new ones streamed daily) of the latest news, editorials and more.

Blogseries integration with feeds articles from reputable sources like AFP, GlobalPost, PBS Newshour, Newslook, Slashdot and 4,000+ more publishers directly to your blog network.

Other content sources include PLR, RSS feed from any site you like, ArticleBuilder… and you can even do automatic curation to add your own, unique twist on things.


Blogseries Is Designed To Make Your Life Easier!


Here’s just a couple more things that you’ll enjoy…

  • Dominate your local market – create a source of authority links in any language thanks to full UTF-8 support
  • Don’t get penalized by having same anchor and URL linked thanks to smart and automatic linking system
  • Be in control of your blog network – automatic daily PR checker and blog SEO health indicator
  • Your network can be as big or small as you want or you can even create subsequent tiers of networks… or just use BlogSeries to manage and update your WordPress money sites
  • BlogSeries is a platform free software – no installation required and use it on any device with browser and internet connection anywhere in the world
  • BlogSeries is very easy to use thanks to minimalistic WYSIWYG interface
  • Lifetime updates – the software is updated almost weekly and after an update is tested, it’s instantly available for all of our customers!

But that’s not it…

To make absolutely sure you get the most value out of Blogseries, I’m also throwing in a couple of very nice bonuses.


Bonus #1: Blogseries VIP Skype Group


Blogseries Skype mastermind group – available to Blogseries members only – is often one of the reasons people are happy to pay month after month.

You get access to sharp SEOers sharing their secrets… And that will have a tremendous effect on your results!

I’m in there as well, along with our lead developer, listening closely and sharing our in-house knowledge…

… As well as monitoring customer feedback and often implementing new stuff on the fly.

Due to technology limitations, we can’t add you automatically (yet) so make sure you request your access through email or skype!

(Make sure you do it right away. Skype groups can hold up to 300 people!)


Bonus #2: Hide Your Blog Network Completely


This is a nice little report that shows you how you can get multiple IPs and hide your blog network completely… for pennies!

Too often, SEOers spend a lot of money on SEO hosting… and this report shows you how you can avoid it!


Even More Bonuses…


There’s a couple more things I’d like you to have, like…

Blogseries Member Forum – if you don’t have the time or the desire to follow a Skype group, you can have access to our forum. There’s plenty of SEO tips inside – and I haven’t seen some of them even in very expensive information products.

You, however, won’t pay a dime besides your Blogseries member fee!

Cheat Sheet: It’ll get you up and running quickly and you can have it by your side as you set up your first projects.

It’ll make setting things up a breeze!

All I’m Asking Is You Give Blogseries A Try…
There’s No Risk!

It’s simple. All you have to do is get your Blogseries username and password, log in and take a look around.

If you don’t immediately see how you can use it to build a powerful authority site network without much hassle if any… I want you to immediately ask for your money back and I’ll gladly give it to you.

You can test-drive it for up to 30 days. If you’re not satisfied, just give me a shout and I’ll refund you your investment.

And the best part is, if you decide NOT to continue your membership, the sites you’ve built will remain intact! Just cancel your membership and you won’t owe us a single penny.

Need Support? You Got It!

Getting support for Blogseries is easy. You can do it through email – or Skype (andytsh).

Whatever your question is, I’ll be happy to help you out – or at least point you in the right direction.

Unfortunately, the premium support is one of the reasons why I’ll ultimately have to limit this deal. I really don’t want to deal with outsourced support just yet!

Just Between Us, SEO Pros…

Let’s leave the scarcity and hype to marketing minds. However…

Here’s the REAL deal. I WILL raise the price eventually… When I reach a number of customers that I can support without hiring additional support staff.

After that, I’m going to close this special offer, and you’ll be able to get in at the ‘general public’ price of $99.95 a month.

Plus, of course, the sooner you start building your authority site network… The sooner you’ll have your own powerful properties that will let you rank your and your clients’ properties quicker and with less effort.

So Do We Have A Deal?

Blogseries Subscription
$99.95/month $49.95/month!

Here’s what’s going to happen when you press the “Add To Cart” button

  1. You’ll be taken to a 100% secure payment page hosted by Paypal. You can then use your Paypal account or credit card to pay.
  2. After you’re done with the payment, press the “Back To SIA AITECH” button. That will take you to the Blogseries membership form that takes about 30 seconds to fill out. (In case you don’t get to it, just give us a quick shout and we’ll provide you with a direct link.)
  3. Start building your kick-ass network – it’s as simple as that! (And in case you have ANY questions or need help with something, just hit me up.)

See you inside!

CTO, Aitech LTD.

P.S. Simply put… Blogseries is the easiest way to build your own, private blog network. So get your access now – it’s risk free anyway – and give it a shot. Worst thing that could happen is you get a quick, no hassle refund if you’re not 100% satisfied. It’s that easy!